• Tina Basumatari (Indore, India)

    Tina Basumatari a 55 year old woman residing at Dimapur, Nagaland developed a lump on her breast. As there were no proper good medical facilities in the North East she went to Delhi for her initial treatment and could not find success. Tina met Dr. Reshma in May where Dr. Reshma had gone to conduct a Medical Camp at the request of the Governor of Nagaland. Thus Tina came to Mumbai. As she was having advanced tumour, chemotherapy was given first then surgery and radiation at Sir H N Reliance Hospital and she stayed in Mumbai for 6 months to complete her treatment. She is very happy with the facilities, treatment and care provided by the doctors. She will come for a checkup soon.

  • Savitri Jhaveri (London, UK)

    Savitri Jhaveri 61 year old, found a small lump on her breast. At first she consulted her family doctor who suggested her to undergo mammogram. The mammogram showed she had five lumps in the breast. This made her very scared as she did not have anyone to support. When she met Dr. Reshma she got a ray of hope that she can be cured. Her surgery was conducted at Saifee Hospital. Chemotherapy and radiation was done 5 years ago and now she comes for regular check up every 6 months. Currently she is living a normal carefree life and gives hope and positive outlook to others.

    The best part she ran the seniors marathon last year and gives all the credit to the doctor for all her strengths.

  • Halima (Lagos, Nigeria)

    A 35 year old homemaker from Nigeria discovered a lump on her breast which made her worry a lot. She was very much worried about this lump. As many Nigerians come to Mumbai, India for various treatments she came to Mumbai with the hope to treat her lump on the breast. Her biopsy and mammography was conducted at Sirona Diagnostics and she was diagnosed to have cancer. She met Dr. Reshma in Sirona Diagnostics. They organized her surgery and chemotherapy cycles with excellent doctors, who are part of the best hospitals in Mumbai. She received excellent, professional service at the nursing home recommended, and Dr. Reshma was regularly in contact with her throughout the treatment. She is now happy to be free from cancer and leading a normal life.

  • Hadija (Mombasa, Kenya)

    We heard about Dr. Reshma from a friend residing in our town. She was treated 4 years ago by Dr. Reshma Palep and is doing so well. So I brought my aunt to Mumbai to be treated by her. Although she was diagnosed with Breast cancer in Mombasa, we do not trust reports there and so we repeated all tests here at Sirona Diagnostics. My aunt has stage 2 breast cancer and we chose to have the surgery at Saifee Hospital. She has recovered well, now taking her first chemotherapy here and will continue the rest in Kenya.

    I also had a complete health check, as a part of their women's wellness plan and was very well looked after by their staff.

    'I cant find words to express how happy I am that I chose you as my surgeon.' Thanks for all your compassion and support all throughout my stay in India.