• Tina Basumatari (Nagaland, India)

    I come from a place where there is proper medical facility. Meeting Dr. Reshma and getting treatment from her helped me fight cancer and will always be grateful to her. Thank you Doctor!

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  • Savitri Jhaveri (Mumbai, India)

    I am grateful to Dr. Reshma, she gave me a second life. Her care and treatment made me realise that I am a hero. Despite being 61 year old, I ran the seniors marathon last year.

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  • Halima (Lagos, Nigeria)

    I am so grateful that I found Dr. Reshma and Sirona Diagnostics. She patiently heard me out and examined me personally. She is a surgeon of great courage and determination and I am really proud of her and I remain indebted to her. She will be forever remembered in my entire life time.

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Mumbai doctors see to Peren community’s health

At the district hospital of Peren, a medical camp was held with three visiting doctors, Cancer specialist Dr. Reshma Palep, Dr. Jaydeep Palep, a robotic, obesity and laparoscopic Surgeon, and Dr. Karmajit Singh, orthopedic surgeon.

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  • What happens during breast screening?

    Having a mammogram doesn't have to be a daunting experience. Our professionals will help you throughout the exam. Screening mammograms are used to find breast cancers early, before they can be seen or felt.

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  • Be Breast Aware!

    Being breast aware is part of maintaining your healthy lifestyle. As women get older their risk of developing breast cancer increases. Being conscious of how your breasts look and feel and regularly checking them is vital, so you notice any changes.

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  • Myths About Breast Cancer

    Myth : Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.
    Fact : Mammograms don’t prevent breast cancer, but they can save lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible, when it’s most treatable.

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