Young patients with breast cancer


shibhangiThe biggest challenge is to treat young patients in the age group 30-45 years .They are young and have a family to look after.yet their tumours can be very agresive and hence difficult to treat.

Women in this age group also dont want to have their entire breast removed and so if suitable, Breast Conservative Surgery can be done with good results giving them a good quality of life. Some women may not have completed their family and childbearing becomes difficult after chemotherapy.They and their family have to be councelled well.

My patient Shubhangi Patil was just 32 years old when she was diagnosed with high grade multicentric cancer.Her son was just 3 yeards old then. She had to undergo Mastectomy and Herceptin based  Chemotherapy for 1 year.  She had a lot of family support and completed her treatment well last year .Now is back to a normal life going to office and taking care of her family as well.

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